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We have been installing loft ladders for over 35 years with over 55,000 loft installations. We are probably the largest installer of loft ladders in the North West and Midlands. The benefits of storing safely all those items that can take up so much of your household space are immeasurable. Suitcases, Christmas decorations, family toys and games, can all be easily and safely accessed whenever you want without the usual method of finding that old rickety step ladder and entering an unsafe dark loft.

We offer a free estimate with no obligation. After all your loft represents 1/3rd of your total house floor area, so it's easy to understand why so many home owners are now installing a loft ladder, boarding and lights as an essential part of their home improvement and storage scheme.

Why not use all that space in your loft? ... and create extra storage space!


Opening Loft Hatch & Climbing Loft Ladder

We offer a selection of loft packages to suit every need

These include a choice of 2 or 3 section ladders. The 3 Section ladder with power pivot arm, allows easy stowage and is ideal for high ceilings. Both ladders are available with a rigid safety handle. To board out your loft we use British Standard Tongue & Groove Loft boarding which we fit securely on to the ceiling joists. This provides a floor which is perfect for storage and keeps all your items safe and secure. If you have, or intend to upgrade depth in your loft you may like to have additional 3"x2" 47mm x75mm battens placed over your existing ceiling joists to allow the additional insulation to fit under the boards. We fit a Light bulb or Fluorescent tube and light switch for your loft lighting. We usually position the switch next to the loft hatch so that it's easy to find in the dark as you enter the loft. Most timber loft hatch doors never fit securely and this allows heat loss from your home costing potentially £100's per year. We will replace your existing hatch door with our new PVC insulated hatch with an air tight seal preventing heat loss from the house. If required, we will also enlarge the existing opening or re-position your hatch to a more favourable place in your hallway or bedroom, at no extra charge ...



Loft Boarding, Hatch and Ladder Installation

Loft Ladder, Light & Switch, Plus 48 - 1000 Square Feet of Flooring from as little as £279* plus VAT

All fitted in less than a day - no mess, no fuss, Guaranteed ...



For your Free No Obligation Quote and Information Pack, please call 01270 624 576...8.am-8.pm 7 days a week or fill in our online enquiry form

* Price may vary depending on area and choice of loft pack chosen.

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